Frequently Asked Questions

Each scholarship is up to $5,000.

The award supports your tuition. The funds will be provided directly to the recipient at the time your tuition payment is due.

Two scholarships are awarded annually.

Individuals associated with the following groups:

  • Current members of CCA Global Partners, Inc., including all current employees and subcontractors as well as their immediate family members¹. This includes current and future entrepreneurs associated with members of Carpet One Floor & Home®, Flooring America®, Flooring Canada®, ProSource®, International Design Guild®,Floor Trader®, and Lighting One®
  • Current employees of CCA Global Partners®, including their immediate family members
  • Individuals associated with members in Canada are eligible

¹ ”Immediate family members” includes parents, children, and grandchildren, but not cousins, nieces, nephews, or more distant relatives.

Organizations of higher education (post high school). This includes two-year and four-year colleges and universities, post-graduate education, and formal executive education programs. The institution must be accredited. The selection committee heavily weights courses of study advancing entrepreneurship and independent business ownership.

  • Your activities as an entrepreneur and independent business person to date
  • How your plan of education will advance your development as an entrepreneur or independent business person in the future
  • Your future plans after you complete your education
  • Your academic performance to date
  • Your involvement with outside and volunteer activities, especially as they relate to entrepreneurship
  • Your overall financial situation

The Fund focuses on education that will advance your long term development as a business person and entrepreneur. Therefore, the Fund tends to support a plan of education leading to a degree rather than a single course or seminar. However, the Fund will consider applications for specific courses or programs that meet these objectives.

Please note that your history and plans to develop as an entrepreneur and independent businessperson are weighted heavily by the selection committee in its deliberations. In your application, please be specific about your entrepreneurial activities to date, and how your education will support future entrepreneurship.

The scholarship covers tuition. If awarded, the funds will be disbursed directly to the recipient.

If your tuition is less than $5,000 per year, the Fund will pay the entire cost of tuition for that year, but nothing more. If you are enrolled in a multi-year program, the Fund will pay the cost of tuition over multiple consecutive years, up to a maximum of $5,000.

The Fund does not cover books, housing, and other living expenses, but the selection committee will consider these costs as part of your overall situation and application.

Applications are submitted online at

A committee of volunteers, including some of Alan’s family members, CCA Board members, and CCA executives, carefully considers all applications.

  • The daughter of a store owner who is pursuing a career raising and selling hogs and competing in collegiate swine-raising competitions throughout the U.S.
  • A salesperson in a store who is a talented glass artist and wants to study interior design and business in order to develop her art studio from a side business into a career
  • The son of a store owner who, while working as a house painter, decided he wants the challenge of running his own business as opposed to working for someone else
  • A salesperson who is working to complete her design degree and jumpstart her own fledgling photography business

We are very proud to have contributed to these entrepreneurs’ education and development. They represent the independent business spirit Alan Greenberg promoted and supported throughout his life.

The committee will carefully review your application and all other information submitted. Please provide all the relevant information and detail about you and your circumstances that will help the committee in its deliberations. You may be asked to provide additional information.

Your information is kept confidential by the selection committee.

Two scholarships are awarded each year.

Winners are determined within 30 days following the application deadline each year. Winners are contacted immediately. Scholarship funds will be available immediately after the announcements.

The Fund is fully qualified under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Therefore, grants from the Fund are not taxable to the recipients.

Yes. If you continue to pay tuition to an eligible institution described above, you can apply for the scholarship each year you are enrolled. Scholarship winners in one year can apply again for a later year.

The funding is provided by CCA Global Partners and Alan’s family.

If you wish to honor Alan’s memory, you can direct donations to the FCIF fund named for him (see below).

The FCIF is not involved in this scholarship fund.

However, Alan was a strong supporter of the FCIF. After his death, the FCIF created the Alan Greenberg Memorial Fund, which has raised over $100,000 to assist individuals in need in the floor covering industry. Using this money, proceeds from an annual golf tournament, and donations from many in the industry, the FCIF financially supports individuals who suffer life changing illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. The work of the FCIF is important to those in the floor covering industry. We encourage you to support the FCIF and to contribute to the Alan Greenberg Memorial Fund at the FCIF,

Please feel free to contact Tod Greenberg in CCA’s St. Louis office by filling out our contact form, or by phone at 314-592-1183.

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